Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why A Waterbed Mattress Pad Should Be Used

If you were to check, you would find that nearly every waterbed mattress manufacturer attaches a tag to the valve with several warnings and recommendations. Among these is that a mattress pad should be placed under the waterbed sheets to protect the vinyl from bodily oils, which is corporatespeak for sweat. This is actually good advice. You see, vinyl is an oil-based petroleum product. This means that oil will literally make it or break it, and now we know sweat is oil. There are some who also like to rub oil products on their bodies like baby oil . These oils can seep through the sheets and permeate the vinyl causing it to harden. This is not good. You want your vinyl to stay soft and supple. Hardened vinyl is noisy, uncomfortable, and brittle. Brittle vinyl can, and usually will crack, which translates to a leak. Again, not good. This can be avoided completely by simply using a good, hypo allergenic waterbed mattress pad. Made of cotton or polyester, It will “take a bullet” for your mattress. If you feel patches of hardened vinyl in the area of the mattress that you sleep on every night, your bed has this condition, and you should begin to think about replacing your water mattress while time is still on your side. And don’t forget a mattress pad too. Whether you use an economical flat anchor band mattress pad, or a fitted luxurious, billowy, quilted mattress pad, it will keep your waterbed mattress sufficiently protected. Equally as important is the fact that your waterbed will be better insulated from heat loss as a result, and your waterbed heater will use less energy. Perhaps what you will notice most of all is that it will feel softer and much more comfortable with an added layer of breathable material between yourself and the vinyl surface. A good quality mattress pad will usually last 2-3 years, depending how often it is laundered. You will thank me in the morning. Sweet dreams.

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